Other Security

Entry Ticket Machine

Hotel Security

EMK Events NW have been involved in many hotel chains and provided door and event security for their varying functions throughout the last five years.

Car Park Security

Our highly trained on-site security staff are carefully chosen for their integrity and professionalism; to ensure that our clients receive the level of service they have come to expect.

In addition, our expert security operational field and office-based security teams provide valuable support and assistance on a 24-hour basis.

Our pursuit is to forge long term client relationships and work with you to deliver a smooth and professional parking solution.

We abide by the following voluntary codes of conduct:

British Parking Association – Code of Conduct – www.britishparking.co.uk
DVLA – Code of Conduct – www.dvla.gov.uk
Data Protection Act 1998 – www.informationcommissioner.gov.uk

CCTV Camera in Car Park
Door Supervisor Security Training

Crowd Control

EMK Events NW place public safety at the forefront of all aspects of our planning.

With a reliable depth of security knowledge and experience, we are equipped to assist every event organizer, regardless of the scale of requirements or the complexity of their security operation.

Security Crowd control is the controlling of a crowd, to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevention of possible rioting.

It calls for gentler tactics than riot control.

Materials such as stanchions, crowd control barriers, security fences and decals painted on the ground can be used to direct a crowd.

Keeping the crowd comfortable and relaxed is also essential, so things like awnings, cooling fans (in hot weather), and entertainment are sometimes used as well.

Our vision is to create, at each event, an environment where event-goers can enjoy the most exceptional experience available in safety and security from arrival at the venue to departure from site.

Promotional Events

EMK Events NW has assisted by supplying staff to the following promotional tours throughout the UK.

Cadburys Flake Tour

Careers for Kids Tour

3 Mobile Tour

Comfort Concentrate

Games 2008

Coventry Blaze (Ice Hockey)

In addition, our experienced door supervisor security staff have been part of large door security teams at the following security events:

The X Factor – Britain’s Got Talent – Brit Awards – V Festivals – Grand Designs – Pop Concerts

Authorised Door Supervisor Security for Olympics 2012 in London

Outdoor Events
Security Guard with Torch

School Security

It’s a sad fact of the 21st century that vandals and thieves would even consider targeting school property. Unfortunately, that is a growing trend.

EMK EVENTS NW LTD can help you protect your premises and equipment; as well as providing reassurance for members of staff and students.

We could have a professionally trained, alert and experienced Patrol Guard for your school on hand, permanently or whenever the need arises.

Our people can provide cover, while your regular security personnel are on holiday; or if you need extra security staff during large school events.

Static Security

EMK Events NW Ltd offer a range of professional security services for Shopping Centres, Alarm Responses, CCTV, Car Park Services, Gate Control, Concierge Duties, but to name a few. All security officers are in contact with our security control room supported by on-site security team leaders and security area managers.

All our security staff are highly trained and highly visible in our EMK Security company uniform. Our security staff patrol and inspect to protect against Fire, Theft, Vandalism or any other form of illegal activity.

Our main objective is to protect our client’s investment. All security personnel write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift.

Understanding our client’s needs is crucial, which allows us to implement the required security resources. Our experienced security surveyor would visit and carry out a full inspection working closely with our clients detailing all aspects of service to reflect accurately your individual’s needs.

EMK Events NW Ltd assists in the following area:

  • Security Access Control
  • CCTV Security Operation
  • Security Fire Prevention
  • Internal and External security patrolling
  • Energy Conservation
  • Alarm Setting and Security Response
CCTV room